UCF Bookstore Announces ‘Happy Hour’ Initiative

After months of consistently dwindling sales, the UCF Bookstore announced last Thursday it would be introducing a new “Happy Hour.” Where between 11am-1pm they will give students exactly what they have been asking for.

“Eight shots of espresso in the most aesthetically pleasing coffee cup. Perfect for sharing on social media.” is how bookstore owner, Ryan Rogers, described the new initiative. Stating “It combines only two things students come in for, excessive amounts of caffeine and a cute snapchat story.” Stated Rogers.

The new movement has been a resounding success with students lining around the breezeway just for the chance to snag a photo of the coffee cup. “I understand it’s just eight espresso pumps, but for the experience I believe it’s fair to charge 7.99 per cup.” said Megan Samuels, Sophomore.

With the rising demand for the coffee, UCF campus police have been notified to not bother with coffee related fights, as the inevitable caffeine crash will resolve the fights. “I hate to see students go at it like that, but I understand it’s not my place to intervene.” said campus officer Michael Daniels. The fights have ranged from anywhere between 25 to 45 seconds.

The hype around the coffee has brought on campus competition in the form of Chik-Fil-A now selling full rotisserie chicken dinners and Panda Express offering Orange Chicken in traditional ming vase to go boxes.