Millennial’s Answer to Health Insurance Involves A Lot of Buckets and Dancing

America’s health insurance industry has gone through a lot of ups and downs on its tax-deductible journey through the seven rings of hell. Millennials have been stuck on this ride for the entirety of there lives and have endeavored to escape its restraints.

However, there attempts have largely been met with debt as well as apathy. The latest in unconventional attempts has college students taking on the duties akin to a subway panhandler: harassing all who pass by them, and dancing until odd hours of the night.

Knight-thon utilizes a large team to collect a plethora of smaller donations together to pay the health bills of hospitalized children- a function normally fulfilled by a progressive tax system. However, those tax systems are normally severely lacking in hundreds of 20 year-olds dancing for an evening.  

Knight-thon does have a darker side. In order to artificially increase the amount of kids stricken with illness to ensure business doesn’t slow down: they started a new team still dubbed FTK. The F**k Them Kids sub-group was created.

F**k Them Kids as an organization has done an incredible job of spreading anti-vaccine doctrine to UCF and its alumni. Knight-thon proves- much like Jimmy Neutron and the United States government- it can solve almost all of the problems that they create on their own.