UCF Greek Life Approves New Tri Kappa Chapter

The brothers and sisters on Greek Row are about to get a new neighbor after UCF Panhellenic recently approved a new chapter of the Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity.

Tri Kappa has a long history in the U.S., particularly in Southern states. While its popularity peaked in the early to mid 20th century as a social group for “community-minded individuals”, membership has been steadily dropping until an unprecedented uptick in recent years. Now, the group promises to be one of the most active on campus, planning several workshops and retreats to encourage its members in developing a broad skill set, from political activism and event planning to knot-tying and carpentry.

Some students have voiced concerns that, given some negative historical associations, the chapter’s presence on campus might reflect poorly on Greek Life as well as pose a direct and immediate threat to certain members of the student body. Panhellenic coordinator Lakynn Williams agreed that some of the group’s practices may be controversial. “I completely agree. I mean, wearing white after Labor Day? Talk about taboo.”

While the group places a heavy emphasis on what they call “traditional values”, President Makcenzcki Anderson is quick to deny that discriminatory practices will play a role in the recruitment process. “We aren’t at all exclusive! Anybody is welcome to rush, we simply try to find girls who share our values of sisterhood, service, and preserving the future of the white race.”


The Tri Kappa chapter will be the first fraternity to join the UCF Panhellenic Council. They will also be the first chapter of the Panhellenic to be co-ed. “This will finally show the equality for all that we’ve been waiting for,” says Anderson, “no matter the gender, anyone can join, especially if you are a legacy of the Aryan descent.”


FACT EDIT: Our reporter originally wrote that Anderson said the “right race” in regards to humanity, but after a complaint from Anderson himself, we corrected the quote to the “white race.” Our apologies if this caused any confusion.