UCF to Tear Down Health and Public Affairs Buildings I & II to Build ‘Mega-Starbucks.’

Recent plans have emerged for new developments on the UCF Main Campus. Health and Public Affairs (HPA) Buildings 1 & 2 are set for demolition by the end of this semester, sources say. The two buildings, adjacent to memory mall, are home to more than 100 different classrooms, labs, offices and serve many degree programs.

The plans for demolition were followed by the unveiling of blueprints for a new addition to the campus, an expanded Starbucks. ‘Mega-Starbucks,’ as some are calling it, is expected to replace where HPA I & II are currently standing. The new building is expected to be completed in early Summer 2019, and faculty and staff are already excited about it.

“There’s just never enough room at the current Starbucks and the lines are always so long. I’ve already been late to 13 classes this semester just waiting for my coffee in the morning,” sophomore Mariana Alvarez stated. “I can’t wait to see how many registers there will be when they open ‘Mega-Starbucks’!”

However, this new development has some students asking other questions. “What about a Mega-Parking Garage,” says one student parking advocate. While some chicken enthusiasts argue that space “should be used for a Mega-Huey Magoos.”

So far, only a few details about the new building have been released. The new ‘Mega-Starbucks’ is expected to be the biggest Starbucks in the United States, at a whopping 12,000 square feet and 3-stories tall, the Titanic of coffee shops. The chain also plans to make the coffee buying experience quicker through the use of product-specific lines. Some of these lines include the Frappuccino Line, the Cold Brew Line, the Latte Line and the ‘I plan on yelling at the barista about my order’ Line. Other features include dedicated quiet study sections, something well sought after from students as it seems that it is no longer possible in the library.

To voice your concerns regarding the chains expansion, use #megastarbucks.


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