Ron DeSantis Refutes Claims of Racism by Coming out as Colorblind

Florida gubernatorial candidate, Republican Ron DeSantis, left, speaks as he and Democrat Andrew Gillum debate, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, at Broward College in Davie, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, Pool)

Floridians watched in awe of the bravery displayed by Ron DeSantis: during a ripping debate hosted by the liberal, local, media.

The Gubernatorial candidate stood against his opponent Andrew Gillum during their race for the governor seat now empty as Rick Scott transfers into his third Horcrux. The debate took a turn for the actually moderated when DeSantis was confronted about a racially insensitive tweet made earlier this year.

“My remarks were not at all meant to be derogatory towards my opponent. It was a light-hearted jab at my opponent. My words are being twisted by political correctness and I think I speak for the American people when I say I will not be victim to PC culture any longer,” responded DeSantis.

The tweet in question:

Andrew Gillum used a question regarding an accusation of corruption in his office to fire back at DeSantis.

“We should have been more careful with who we accepted bribes from: very similarly my opponent should have been more careful when showing his true colors on Twitter. Its abhorrent that a candidate for public office would empower the growing racial divide in this country,” an impassioned Gillum stated.

Rob DeSantis proceeded to stun our state as he revealed an ailment that has effected him my whole life.

“It’s interesting that Gillum would claim I showed my true colors on twitter. I’d like to know what colors those are; even if that were true I wouldn’t be able to tell as I am now and always have been colorblind. Which I believe allows me to approach this office with zero racial bias and an ability to recognize the black and white that defines politics and human behavior.”

WPBF quickly cut to commercial break as the moderator appeared to suffer a heart attack after the final statements by DeSantis.

The Florida race continues and only grew ever tighter as the swing state’s horizontal political divide leaves only few Floridians to choose between healthcare and their inherently racist nature.