UCF President Dale Whittaker to DJ at EDC

Dr. Dale Whittaker, the new president of UCF, will take a week off his duties in early November to headline EDC Orlando, according to a press release.

Whittaker, known in the EDM community by his stage name Bassnectar, will be performing on the main stage on Tinker Field Friday, November 9, 2018.

“Music has always been a good outlet for me,” Whittaker said, “as much as I love the excitement of running a university, every once and a while I have to break away from it all, put on a goofy wig, and go absolutely HAM on the turntables.”

Whittaker began DJing after graduating from Purdue University in 1987. The electronic scene wasn’t even close to developing, but he worked alongside DJ Enuff, Biggie Smalls’ road DJ, and learned how to mix rap tracks. Whittaker called himself DJ Funkmaster Flex and began touring with Biggie and Enuff.

“Dale, you one crazy [explicit],” Biggie is heard saying in a recording of a live show, after Whittaker killed a record-scratch break in the middle of Mo Money Mo Problems.

After several months on the road with Biggie and Enuff in ‘92, Whittaker decided to take his career in agricultural engineering seriously. Whittaker was out of the DJ scene for over half a decade when he went to his first rave in San Francisco 1998. He fell in love with the energy of the crowd and the intensity of the music he heard.

“It’s so cool being in a tight, crowded room sweating all over the people next to you,” Whittaker said, “that, and the eardrum-splitting, robot sex sounds these guys could produce was something I had never seen or heard before. I was inspired.”

Whittaker began taking the stage once again under his new name, Bassnectar, in 2002.

Since then, he’s been working tirelessly, balancing his time with academia on weekdays and making crowds go absolutely headbangingly bonkers in the evenings and weekends.

“I dead-a** had no idea president Whittaker was Bassnectar,” senior Michael Palmetto said, “I mean, I thought Bassnectar was like 30. But honestly, I was at Electric Forest last year and I could have sworn I saw Whittaker walking around the festival right after the Bassnectar set. But I was on like 3 tabs so maybe I was just trippin’.”