UCF Welcomes First Coalition of Keyboard Warriors

In an increasingly divided political climate, students are taking political activism to heart. For many brave souls, this means canvassing for candidates they believe in, volunteering for nonprofits aligned with their views, and contacting their representatives to express their opinions as constituents. For braver souls yet, it means taking to their Facebook feeds and arguing with high school friends.

A bipartisan group of passionately political UCF students have banded together to form the Coalition of Keyboard Warriors. With the slogan, “Passively Passionate”, they hope to attract other like-minded individuals to attend monthly meetings with planned events such as “Fight Three Distant Relatives on Facebook,” “Call Strangers Fascist on Tumblr,” and “Get Blocked by Jill Stein on Twitter”.

“I knew this was the club for me when I saw the flyer right after I retweeted one of Trump Jr.’s tweets about the Deep State,” said sophomore Austin Warner, who drew a small Pepe the Frog next to his name on the sign up sheet. “People need to know the truth, and they need to learn about it with memes from Turning Point USA.”

The club has already become notorious for turning down offers to hold tandem events with the UCF College Democrats, College Republicans, and High School Libertarians. These clubs, usually presenting opportunities to volunteer at local candidates’ events or drives to register UCF students to vote, have been met with reports that all CKW members are going to simultaneously be visiting family out of town that weekend, as much as they’d really like to help. In fact, these clubs have received criticism – much of it rambling and misspelled – from members of CKW, who claim that their volunteer events and campaign drivers are simply not “efective” enough for the modern era of politics.

The club plans to rely heavily on social media to spread their messages and affect social change. “We’re all about sharing content that makes you think,” said President Taylor Keen. “When we see people with our same political leaning sharing something we shared, we know we did our job.”

For more information and updates on club events, follow the UCF Keyboard Warriors Coalition on Facebook. The callout meeting, set for next Tuesday, has hundreds of “Interested” RSVPs, but club leaders anticipate a 4-5% turnout.