RWC to Freeze Leisure Pool for Winter Olympics Curling Event

With the official commencement of the Winter Olympics upon us in Pyeongchang and the Leisure Pool closed off from swimmers until further notice, the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) has come up with a solution to bring some Olympic spirit to Orlando. This morning, the RWC announced their “Slide into Pyeongchang” event.

For the duration of the Winter Olympics, the RWC Leisure Pool will be frozen and converted to an ice rink complete with multiple curling sheets to throw some stones with friends between classes or after a long day of school and stress. The RWC hopes that the event will be a sweeping success with students looking to grow their newfound interest in winter sports, despite their geographic location.

The temporary renovations to transform the Leisure Pool will be funded by SGA, which is excited to bring this culturally educational event to the University. In addition, SGA will play the Winter Olympics broadcasts on the facility televisions; rumors say that the RWC will hide the remotes to prevent students from changing the channels to thought-provoking student favorites, like Maury and Floribama Shore.

The event has also garnered much support from a small, yet incredibly vocal group of Canadian international students spending the spring semester here at UCF.

“Ya know, I figured that I kissed dear curling goodbye when I decided to come south,” said Amanda Murphy, a Albertan exchange student, “But seeing UCF do this just makes me want to curl up with a hot bowl of poutine and celebrate my national heritage!” Murphy then profusely apologized for her animated excitement.

The event was originally planned in tandem with the USF Campus Recreation department to promote a positive relationship between the two universities. However, USF unexpectedly withdrew their participation without explanation; local political science majors speculate that USF Supreme Leader Moneer Kheireddine made the choice after UCF Student Body President Nick Larkins bragged that his student population was “much bigger.”