Late Knights Introduces Open Bars to Boost Event Turnout

If you’ve never been interested in attending a Late Knights event on campus, you might just change your mind next month — the organization has announced that it will include an open bar in February’s event. The decision comes from a new initiative to better connect with students and boost event turnout.

The event, currently dubbed “National Keg-Champions,” has been advertised on OSI’s Facebook page and KnightConnect during the past week. The digital flyer boasts a happy hour from 11pm-12am and kegs that students can rent with their student ID. Additionally, the event is offering gift cards and other prizes to anyone who can beat the DJ in beer pong.

Late Knights prides themselves on offering weekend events that are “fun, safe, on-campus, and free of drugs and alcohol.” Naturally, introducing drugs and alcohol to their itinerary has earned criticism from parents, religious protesters, and local bar Knight Library. These groups have called the event “an insult to UCF’s heritage,” “a Satanic celebration of villainy,” and “a loss of easy business serving booze to freshmen,” respectively.

“We want to be perfectly clear that this doesn’t change anything about our mission statement,” said Sarah Torren, spokesperson of Late Knights. “We’ll have Uber and Lyft services for safe rides home, we’re limiting everyone to no more than seven drinks, and we’re not letting anyone under twenty-one try the cocaine table.” Torren went on to clarify that, while there will be marijuana at the event, students will not be allowed to “blaze it” unless they bring a donation for Knight’s Pantry.

The event has also drawn more attention than usual from RSOs, who frequently table Late Knights events. Interested parties include the UCF’s Alcoholics Anonymous chapter, the Health Awareness and Prevention Society, and roughly twelve different fraternities. Perhaps the group most invested in the new event is SGA’s leadership, who were responsible for reserving the event’s space. They are reluctant to designate any area on campus to an event in the name of rampant alcohol consumption, but are eager to attend themselves.

As for student reactions, feelings are mixed. Most are in favor of the event, like Craig “Keg Stand” McClane; others, like Mikey Forders, don’t really care if there’s booze, as they are only attending for the LINK points. Of course, there are a handful who said the event would set a “dangerous, irresponsible, and unhealthy precedent.” These losers have asked to remain anonymous.

The event is set for February 16th. The University has not yet made any official comment on the event, but several UCF staff members have already RSVPed on KnightConnect.