UCFPD to Rebrand its College-Friendly Image with the Help of Comic Sans

In the wake of UCF Police Chief Richard Beary’s announcement that he will retire at the end of June, the police department has taken no time in introducing changes to policy and public appearance.

The biggest change will be seen immediately on the streets, as it involves the department’s new police vehicles. UCF police will be rolling out their new cruisers this spring, the sides of which will feature Knightro in place of the Pegasus  and the word “POLICE” emblazoned in Comic Sans underneath.

The design reveal was initially met with disdain, specifically from graphic design students who did not hesitate to make their feelings known. Senior Claude Warhol said, “I have not spent the past six years of my life here to see the university I’ve come to love squander away all its potential (and all of my hard earned tuition money) on such a frivolous and harebrained ‘font,’ if you can even call it that!”

“I don’t think it’s so bad,” said junior Jonah McMill. “I think the police department’s new leadership is taking a chance and you can’t really fault them for that. The new decal reminds me of comic books; it calls to mind simpler and better days.” With bags under his eyes, McMill rode off on his skateboard to his thermodynamics class.

Reports show that the redesign came about after a contest was held within the department. The winning idea came from one Officer Marino’s mother, who said she was inspired by her friend’s email signature. It contained an inspirational quotation written in Comic Sans, followed by a gif of a dancing Knightro.

“I just don’t like that weird bird-like blob they have on the cars now. Knightro is so much more fun!” exclaimed Mrs. Marino.

The new decal has drawn praise from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which sports the catchphrase “Making a Difference” in Comic Sans on its own vehicles. “We believe this font, more than any other, really instills confidence in our force. It shows that we conduct our business professionally and with gumption,” said Sheriff Demings.

UCFPD has also announced another new initiative: it will be expanding its “Coffee with a Cop” program by adding a new outreach called “Donuts with a Detective.” The department plans to host this event monthly at the Knights Plaza Dunkin’ Donuts. At past meetups, officers and students have discussed various topics ranging from dogs to gun safety. At “Donuts with a Detective” events, detectives will share insight on the perils of the job, including dumpster diving when cracking down on the latest marijuana ring.