Pegasus Expresses Disdain for Knightro in Early Morning Tweetstorm

UCF has been shrouded in controversy this week due to comments by the university’s academic mascot, the Pegasus, concerning the athletic mascot, Knightro.

“Look at him, prancing around in his little foam armor, running around the field,” the Pegasus said in series of early morning tweets on Tuesday. “I’ve been here for 50 years. This house was built on Pegasus. Me! But you never see freshmen running to take their picture with me. It’s always Knightro. Sad!” The remainder of his tweetstorm was, frankly, too profane to include in this publication.

Student responses on the topic ranged from confused to indifferent: “Wait, what’s an academic mascot?” said engineering major Tyler Iverson, while business student Josh Stacy said, “Pegasus? Isn’t that like a flying horse or something?” When shown an image of the Pegasus, marketing major Grace Forsyth said, “Isn’t that the old license plate? I like the new one more, it’s got better brand recognition.”

When pressed for comment, President Hitt delivered a long speech about diversity and opportunity, constantly referencing the university’s enrollment rate without taking any stance about the Pegasus’ public meltdown.

In response to the Pegasus’ tweets, the university athletics department put out a poll on MyUCF asking students “What is the UCF mascot,” the results of which can be found below:


Knightro’s career has been controversial since his debut in 1995, with contemporary students criticizing him as a pale imitation of his more virile predecessor: the Citronaut. Neither the Citronaut nor Knightro’s ex-girlfriend, Glycerin (both former mascots themselves) could be reached for comment.

In an interview, the Pegasus stood by his comments. “I mean, just look at him! When was there ever an actual knight presence in Florida?” At this point he produced an image of Knightro riding onto the field on a horse, also named Pegasus, and lamented the new mascot literally riding on his legacy.

The Pegasus also commented negatively on the campus tradition to avoid his seal in the Student Union until graduation day. “I mean, what the [expletive] is that? They pose with Knightro every chance they get but avoid me like the plague.”

UCF officials are expected to make a statement regarding the controversy later this afternoon. Meanwhile, the campus My Little Pony fan club, Bronies and Pegasisters, will rally Friday to show their support.