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This Year’s Comedy Knight Will Feature a Performer You've Actually Heard Of - The Stallion

This Year’s Comedy Knight Will Feature a Performer You’ve Actually Heard Of

In a surprising turn of events, UCF’s Comedy Knight 2017 will feature a comedian whose previous work you’ll actually recognize. Many students consider this a huge win for UCF; recent homecomings have only managed comedians that you might have heard of, should vaguely remember, or were mentioned on Family Guy once for a fifteen second punchline. When Adam DeVine’s appearance was announced to the public, however, UCF students rejoiced; the performer, who has been in a number of TV shows and more than two feature films, is a breath of fresh air to the star-starved students.

The news was a relief to event organizers who were excited about the star power DeVine would bring to homecoming week after his critically-acclaimed roles in Pitch Perfect, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and that one Allstate commercial last autumn.

DeVine also found stardom in the Comedy Central show Workaholics, which he created, produced, and appeared in at age 27. Film student Ryan Shorely said, “This man is my idol – such an inspiration to me. I want him to teach me how to be like him, partying and drinking non-stop.”

“This year has been such a blessing,” reported Carla Brown, homecoming event organizer. “It’s so refreshing to not have to put ‘The Cash Cab Guy’ or ‘That Blonde Dude from Benchwarmers; Hey, Remember Benchwarmers?’ on our posters. We haven’t gotten this much positive response since we had Hannibal Buress a few years ago, and most people didn’t even see him because they were scared of being eaten.”

The UCF Mathematics department polled the student population regarding DeVine’s fame. See the results of this poll below:

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) was very happy with the results of the student poll. “We’re confident that the poll proves that the majority of the student population is really excited about this,” said Perry Williams, who ran the vote. “If this is anything like most UCF student polls, then at least twenty people responded.”

The announcement initially brought confusion to the student body. Many students thought that lead singer of the band Maroon 5, Adam Levine, had gone solo and decided on a major career change. Others thought that the band had broadened their repertoire by incorporating comedic acts into their show.

The real controversy erupted over the spelling of DeVine’s last name. The confusion was so widespread that it launched an intense debate on Comedy Knight’s Facebook event page. Admins had to close the thread down last Saturday when an argument over the capitalization of Devine vs. DeVine grew to fifty comments and included multiple death threats.

Comedy Knight purists will be happy to know that the opening act, Adam Ray, is still someone no one’s ever heard of.