On The Tragedy In Las Vegas

To wake up to any bad news on a Monday morning is upsetting, but to wake up to the news of the events that transpired in Las Vegas early this morning is truly saddening.

It seems like only yesterday that we here at the Stallion witnessed the traumatic events and aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting here in Orlando that affected so many lives and shook the foundation of our community forever. “Home of America’s Deadliest Mass Shooting” was a title we never wanted, it was also a title we hoped we’d never lose.‬

Our deepest condolences and sympathies go out to the families of those in Las Vegas who were tragically killed or wounded, and we send our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all of the people of Las Vegas – most especially the brave first responders who put their lives on the line in defense of their community and prove time and time again that true bravery exists not in the absence of fear, but in the facing of danger in spite of it.

It is times like this where the American spirit is put to the test, where the fabric that binds us together is stretched to its limit. It is days like today that we prove that we are truly “One Nation, Indivisible” and that we will let nothing break that bonds that make us the United States of America.  

There are things everyone can do to help Las Vegas today. Please read this article published by Newsweek that is constantly being updated with ways we can assist the good people helping to pick up the pieces in the wake of this devastating event.

In the meantime, the Stallion will not be publishing an article today out of respect for the solemn events that took place, and hope any Knights that may have been traveling in Las Vegas are safe. We will resume our normal content schedule later this week.

The Stallion Team