Mysterious Student Union Fourth Floor Claims Another Victim

The UCF Police Department is advising students and faculty to take extreme caution after Colin Creevy, a second-year photography major, vanished late Tuesday night after entering the dark and enigmatic fourth floor of the Student Union. Officials warn that the floor is and always has been strictly off limits to everyone aside from highly-trained personnel, and that the secrets that lie there are “far more terrible than any mere mortal could ever dare to imagine.”

The existence of the forbidden floor is common knowledge among the UCF population; at every orientation President Hitt addresses incoming freshman, informing them that “the fourth story of the Student Union is strictly prohibited to those who do not wish to die a most painful death.”

Creevey announced his intention to venture onto the fourth floor before his disappearance. According to his acquaintances, he wanted to “finally find out what’s up there.” While the floor’s existence is well known, its contents are a mystery to all but the highest level university administrators.

“Look, this school’s got secrets. Dark secrets” said UCFPD Chief Richard Beary. “Some of them I know about, most of them I don’t. Honestly, I prefer to keep it that way. I don’t know what it is they’re hiding up there, all I care about is that they keep it up there.”

Creevy is not the first to fall victim to whatever horrors lie on the Student Union’s uppermost floor. Since the building opened in 1997 three other students, a professor, and one parent have also vanished without a trace after allowing their curiosity to get the best of them.

Creevy’s disappearance has sparked renewed interest in the forbidden floor, leading many to speculate about exactly what monstrosities lie hidden in its mysterious halls. Some believe the Union was built specifically to contain some great evil force, citing decades-old security footage of hooded figures performing rituals around the Pegasus Seal in the dead of night. Some theorists even claim that those who step on the seal prior to graduating are sacrificed to “feed the beast.”

Other students claim that the danger is not some creature or evil artifact, but is in fact the floor itself. The increasingly popular theory is that every time the floor claims another victim, the building grows. This rumor is unconfirmed, however, early Wednesday morning SGA announced that the Student Union food court renovations would now include an additional 5,000 square feet of vendors and seating.