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End of Semester Thank You - The Stallion

End of Semester Thank You

As we come to the closing of the semester here at The Stallion, I’d like to extend a thank you to those who have helped make this semester more successful than I could have imagined. While we are just beginning our journey to provide UCF with another flavor of identity through humor and satire — and eventually beat our rivals UF and FSU at the game — I’d like to take this time to reflect back on these last couple of months.

Of course the core of our efforts, the heart of the organization, are the writers. Without them, the content that we produce would lack soul and the attitude that our readers have come to appreciate. I’d like to thank Emily Romero for her enthusiasm about the idea when she joined us first, Maria Campbell for giving us a chance and spending time during her last semester at UCF investing in our cause, Spencer Lasday for providing some grit and unique perspectives to the team, and Dimitri Tzamaras for bringing in some humor and expertise from the sports universe.

While some say the heart is the most important of the body, it is nothing without the bones that hold it up high. Without them, we wouldn’t have a defined shape or dependable structure. I’d like to thank Trevor and Rachel Brosseau for taking a chance on us when me and two other team members met them in a coffee shop. Finding these two editors was one of our luckiest breaks this semester, as every single article is made a hundred times sturdier and more polished because of them. Trevor has helped point out poor ideas and expand on good ones, while Rachel has been a defense against the horrible grammar, spelling, and most importantly word choice that seem to be so bad in some of us (me especially). Some may wonder how we even graduated high school English. In fact I can guarantee you that I will asking them to both edit this “thank you note” so it’s at least a little bit coherent.

Without a mouth to speak these thoughts that our editors and writers come up with, or hands to draw them out,  this whole endeavor would quickly become rather pointless and lonely. That’s why I’d like to extend further thanks to Alexi Saliba for being our hands of artistry and taking care of graphic designs on the website and all the photoshop for the articles since February. Without her our articles would be colorless and not nearly as rich and appealing. I’d like to thank Sierra Scott for acting as our mouthpiece, helping to run the Facebook page, get the word out to others, and package our content in a way that was attractive to readers on social media. In a similar manner I’d like to thank Rohan Nakka for providing similar help with our Twitter page. These two have taken a huge headache away from me and played no small part in the success we’ve encountered this semester.

Last I’d like to thank the most important part of this whole operation, our readers. This is where the analogy to the body starts to get funky, as our readers exist outside the body itself, but play the most important part. What is a body without a world to live in? Our readers give us a reason for this paper to exist. While this body is still growing and learning how to work as a cohesive unit, I appreciate all our readers sticking around to see it through. We hope to be able to continue this relationship for years to come.

In closing remarks I’d like to thank the plethora of friends who have helped me, from liking our posts on social media to giving me crucial advice. I’d like to thank those who have taken the time to spread the word, whether through sharing our articles and inviting friends to like our pages, or to reaching out and interviewing me and other team members about the Stallion.

Thank you everyone for a great semester, and here’s to hoping for many more.

-Jake Howard

Captain of this Ship

Special thanks to Andre Heizer, Nick Palmieri, Anna Fraihat, Shaynah Ribcheck, Q-nut Issa, Matt Ubl, Danny Vidal, and many others