Remnants of Students Dreams Allegedly Found at Lake Claire Recreation Area

Earlier this week, several UCF students exploring the Recreation Area at Lake Claire were shocked to allegedly discover the remains of what many believe are student dreams buried beneath the soil and debt.

The discovery apparently came about during the biannual camping festival called Tent City. This event, which draws hundreds of artists and creative types to campus each semester, promotes spreading love, acceptance, and exploration of the “inner self.” Campers Rene Lynn and Tony Alvarez made the discovery around 1a.m. while wandering around campus looking for themselves. Stumbling upon this shocking discovery rather than personal nirvana, the explorers trekked back to camp to inform their fellow artists of their new find. They recounted the experience with a surprising amount of apathy when interviewed later.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal,” Lynn told reporters as she cleansed her tent space with incense. “Heck, just yesterday, Krys decided to go diving into Lake Claire at like 2 a.m. and found Atlantis. He came running to tell us and then we all went for a swim. It was pretty rad.” The incense scent became too powerful to finish the interview.

According to eyewitnesses of the discovery, some of these dreams were “pretty dope” and “creative as hell,” but when asked about where they were buried, they seemed evasive. “It was like three yards north of the lake, through the woods where Chandra and Kyle have their hammocks. If you get to Griffin’s hacky sack group you must have passed it.”

Our reporters went to investigate the scene despite the rather indirect map. The only evidence of human contact (let alone a dreams) was several bags of organic Sun-Chips, a Sublime cassette tape, and three empty Kombucha bottles.

“I don’t really remember discovering all those dreams and aspirations that clearly,” said Alvarez. When pressed, he added “Just like Sagan says in Cosmos, ‘Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and I just found myself wandering. I really wanted to experience the universe. I rolled out of my hammock and grabbed my walking stick to really experience the world here at UCF.”