Students Celebrate “21 Savage Day” at UCF

In a show of cultural strength and acceptance at UCF, many students have smeared their foreheads with ash in celebration of rap artist Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, better known by his stage name “21 Savage”.

21 Savage gained credence at UCF and other college campuses around the UCF after his first platinum single “X” featuring Future hit the Billboard top 100, topping out at 44. Since then college students have been able to relate to the dark content about the struggles 21 Savage faced growing up as a marginalized minority in a low-income area ridden with crime and lacking adequate options in education.

Sophomore and hip-hop connoisseur Jeremy Breitman told us his story of “21 Savage Day” at UCF. “It all started when my conservative roommate Elijah marked his face just like 21’s tattoo. I thought it was a little surprising, especially since he usually only listens to MercyMe and Toby Keith, but honestly I’m just proud of him branching out and trying new music. Maybe next time I take him out to a party he’ll actually do something other then act like a lampshade in the corner.”

In addition to Jeremy many students have joined in the festivities which included collecting palm leaves- a reference to the rarity and luxury of the palm tree in 21 Savage’s home city, Atlanta. UCF Senior Amanda Rutherford lamented “Sometimes we really take for granted how common palm trees are in Florida, and I really think it’s great that students are appreciating how tough it may have been for 21 Savage growing up that only the rich and wealthy could afford to keep a palm tree.”

UCF Activists have lauded the celebrations as a “step in the right direction for campus acceptance and inclusion” and have praised the enthusiasm of the student body in supporting fans of 21 Savage even if they are more of a Lil’ Yachty type of person.



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