UCF Trump Supporter Starts Petition to Build Wall Around Qdoba

In light of recent political movements inspired by the Trump administration, UCF business undergraduate and Ronald Reagan aficionado Kyle Branchart has started an online petition on Change.org with the goal of building a wall around Qdoba. Branchart has cited the establishment, located in the heart of UCF’s Student Union, as a “clear and open danger to true American values” and expressed further concerns that it would attract those of “illegal nature” to the campus. Branchart states that he hopes a physical barrier around the popular restaurant will help contain the problem.

Some students are apprehensive, claiming that the wall could negatively affect the diversity that UCF prides itself on. “I think it’s great that UCF represents so many different cultures,” stated Annie Hartkin, a sociology major. “I’ve always bragged to my friends at other schools that I can get a burrito and Chinese food for lunch if I want.”

Other students, like Jessica Brown, have health concerns. “How will I get my diet food between classes?” she exclaimed while angrily gesturing with her caramel macchiato.

In a twist of events similar worries expressed by other students have culminated in a petition to build a wall around Kyle Branchart.

Branchart’s original petition



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