UCF announces plans for College of Transportation in partnership with Uber and Lyft

The University of Central Florida has announced a proposal to add a College of Transportation to its campus. In a press release, President John Hitt stated, “this partnership with Uber and Lyft aims to entice those interested in careers in the burgeoning ridesharing industry.” This new educational initiative seeks to provide students with a necessary skillset for chauffeuring customers through Orlando’s notoriously dangerous traffic.

UCF is already buzzing with talk of the new college. Students such as Marvin Gonzales are excited for the new College of Transportation, citing rising student debt as a big motivator. Gonzales remarks, “I really look at education as an investment, and what better way to invest than by taking out loans to educate myself in driving in order to pay back loans for my degree in finance.”

Other students, such as sociology student Jessica Hartford, praise the potential for cross-curricular research. “I’m just very interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of this aspect of the world. I’d say at least twenty percent of the time I try to Uber or Lyft my driver just randomly cancels on me. Why do they do that? Is it my profile picture? Do I have a poor rating? I am looking forward to merging our areas of study to help streamline the social aspect of ridesharing.”


Part of the enthusiasm for the new college comes from the rumored “Sorting Trunk,” a concept borrowed from the world of Harry Potter that involves students being sorted into their majors, which are separated by driving company. Proposed majors will include: Uber, Lyft, Via, Haxi, and Dryver.

Students have already begun showing pride for their potential majors. Gonzales, who hopes to be sorted into Uber, remarked, “Where you get sorted really says a lot about your personality. Everyone knows Lyfts will get you there the fastest, but Ubers are always the most quality ride. Dryver? Nobody wants to sit at lunch with a Dryver.”

Charles Harrison, proposed dean of the College of Transportation, has announced that a scholarship fund for students in need is already in the works. The Transportation Assistance eXtreme Initiative (TAXI) will pull funds from the overflowing coffers of UCF’s Parking Services account. Harrison stated, “We’ve never really known what to do with all of the parking ticket money and I am happy to see it put to good use.”



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