President Hitt Releases Spotify Playlist “Spring Semester 2k17″

In a bold move to turn “Humpday” into self-proclaimed “HittDay”, President Hitt released a Spotify playlist titled “Spring Semester 2k17.” Hoping to boost student body morale, the personalized playlist includes an upbeat mix of genres posted to his Spotify account, @papahitt. Students were surprised to see “Too Much Sauce” by Future/Lil Uzi Vert and Bruno Mars’ recent hit “24K magic” included on the playlist. When asked about his music taste, current UCF president commented “Ya know, I kinda like everything. Except country. I can’t do country.”

Upon further inspection of the spotify account, students were shocked to find other playlists created by @papahitt. A fan favorite amongst the student body of the university, aptly titled “valintine’s day beatz,” consists of 50 loops of a Star Wars soundtrack song “Cantina Band.” Another notable playlists titled “game day pump UP” that exclusively consisted of Pitbull’s “Timber,” Chainsmokers’ “Closer” and Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Student’s have reacted positively overall to the release of President Hitt’s “Spring Semester 2k17” playlist, such as Jennifer Hailey, who stated “I had no idea what I was missing in my life until I came across @papahitt’s playlist. It is honestly the best way to get in the study mindset if needed, but at the same time doubles seamlessly as a great track for car rides- especially when trying to find parking.” Others, such as James Harker, commented on the debut with “I’m tryna link up and build fam, maybe we could collab?”

The latest news on President Hitt’s playlist came from himself, when he released a press statement hinting towards a possible Soundcloud account. Each playlist’s follower count is growing steadily since the account has been formally announced.


Check the playlist out right here:

Spring Semester 2k17

President Hitt’s Spotify Account:



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  2. Esp the Scantron one ???

  3. This stuff is fire

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