Lady Gaga Booked for Halftime Show at UCF Women’s Basketball Game

After inspiring a 25 point comeback by the Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons last night, Lady Gaga has been reserved for the UCF women’s basketball game. “It’s the absolute best we can do for our athletes, and for some reason she was offering discount rates in 2017,” stated UCF athletics director Brad Stricklin. Fans hope that Lady Gaga can inspire the same fiery attitude against the Houston Cougars that was instilled in New England. Sophomore Jerry Roberts and self-proclaimed “Number One Monster” ¬†boldly stated that he hopes UCF attempts to use the “Gaga strategy” during the regular football season to help with the inevitable halftime deficit that the UCF Knights will have. Roberts explains “Honestly it might just be a good idea to keep at very least one Lady Gaga available per team, ya know to make things fair between the two teams, as part of regulation.”

Other Students were more excited towards the actual content of a Lady Gaga performance, with Senior Clarese Williams raving about the “Blast from the past” and how her girl gaga “slayed.”¬†“The last time I listened to any of these songs was on an iPod shuffle, and once I lost it in the 7th grade I was never able to get the adequate amount of Gaga I needed.”

During press time UCF Habitat for Humanity was seen constructing the elaborate halftime stage for Lady Gaga to perform on.



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