About Us

Created in February of 2017, The Stallion is a group of students and alumni from all corners of the University of Central Florida that have gathered to satirize the absurdities of college life and more.

Looking to join the family? We currently are looking for those experienced with advertising, social media, and interested in producing videos. Any interest in collaboration and all official communication will go through our email at thesaltystallion@gmail.com or through our official facebook page The Stallion UCF.

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The Staff

Alyssa Asaro


Alyssa is an English Literature major who, like John Mulaney, paid $120,000 for someone to tell her to read Jane Austen and then didn’t. Catch her wearing sweaters in 100 degree weather and watching every bad romcom to ever exist. Check out the LinkedIn she made so she wouldn’t be the family disappointment: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alyssa-asaro-810959158/

Tanesha Bridenback


Tanesha is a double major in journalism and theatre studies. Tanesha is glad to be an editor mainly because she’s not good with words. The end. To hear more unclever things from her follow her at @tbridenback

Christian Steiner


Electrical Engineering major Christian Steiner lives and breathes film but writes satire. Read on as he creates a symphony of words, if the band was composed of two hermit crabs and a plastic bag. Watch him put a bunch of other words together on his twitter @kidchristian26 and wordpress Directinngthestories.wordpress.com

Nick Stelter


Lexie Kaufman

Video Content Editor/Director

Lexie is a Radio-Television major with a passion for stupid movies, loud music, and Halloween. You can always find her at your local Party City browsing the witch hats. The best way to describe Lexie is a quote from her favorite drag queen Sharon Needles, “I look spooky but I’m really nice.” Check out her crazy makeup skills on Instagram @thelexieskye

Annie Lovelock


Annie Lovelock is a Theatre Studies and Advertising-PR major. She’s a writer, actor, artist, creative, dreamer, risk-taker, Pisces, INFP, blood type O+ whose SSN is 671-…On second thought, just keep up with her on Twitter @annielovelock
Blair Huston
Social Media Manager
Nicole Young
Graphic Designer
Spencer Cook
Melodie Spiegel
Hesham Elkholi

Jake Howard

Stallion Founder

Jake is a Biomedical Sciences major, outdoorsman, and mechanic for exclusively Ford Rangers. When his truck is broken you can find him power walking through campus. After putting a tinfoil hat on he deleted all of his social media.

Stallion Alumni


Graphic Designers & Social Media Managers


Group Pictures

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