UCF offers new Language Program: Rawr xD

Due to the miscalculated funds and money laundering associated with the new Trevor Colbourn Hall, the Department of Foreign Language was able to add a new language to the program.

rawr xD is a language developed in the United States during the early 2000’s, and is the primary language spoken by the indigenous teens of Hot Topic. Bolstering a native speaking population of 1.5 million on the UCF campus alone, it was only a matter of time before the college offered the course.

“rawr, or more commonly known by its chief dialect, rawr xD, is recognizable as a cultural touchstone in the U.S, and is the first example of America developing and challenging the boundaries of English.” said professor Kelly McMaster, who wore a cookie monster sweater, as well as fake piercings and flat ironed zebra stripes into her hair.

McMaster went on to detail several different courses offered in the new program. 

“rawr xD is actually just one dialect of the larger rawr language. For example, uwu speak is commonly spoken in areas with higher anime or furry influence.”

Here at The Stallion, we are always looking to provide our readers with opportunities to learn, Interested in this new dialect? Here are just a few english translations of common words and phrases.

rawr word

English Translation

rawr xD

Good morrow neighbor! How goes it?

~uwu u so warm  (ᵕᴗ ᵕ⁎)

Ah friend! I require human contact!

*nuzzlez* pwease adopt me

How would you like to remain in one another’s company as friends and confidants?

hewwo is anybody der?  o(≧∇≦o)

Help! The water is rising and I fear that I need assistance to escape my predicament!

*pounces on you* uh oh~ someone is a wittle excited (〃 ω 〃)

Pardon friend! I have fallen onto you and it seems to have caused a bit of arousal!

Along with a spike in interest for the new program, additionally, there are also several other potential new language programs being offered soon including, srat speak, advanced gamer dialects, and french.