Review of Titanic at UCF: Freshman Theatre Major says “I Would’ve Been a Better Rose”

The Stallion was lucky enough to see a press showing of Theatre UCF’s Titanic, and we are happy to report that the experience was altogether quite magical. The directors choice to go completely method, having the majority of the cast actually die onstage, is a brilliant and artistic take on the timeless classic.

For those who are unaware, Titanic is a completely fictional piece loosely based on that one time I accidentally crashed by Uncle’s dingy on our neighbors dock (Sorry Dave!). The Stallion was lucky enough to catch an interview with the actor who is playing Titanic.

“At first I thought it was a little strange that they had an actor playing the boat.”

Stated MFA Acting student, Josh Gumball.

“But now,” he stated, slipping into his costume (a one to one scale model of the entire RMS Titanic), “I recognize that the character arc of being a sinking ship is one of my hardest acting challenges yet.”

While we, at The Stallion, were deeply moved by the piece, we noticed quite a lot of heckling from three freshman sitting in front of us. They had many critiques of the show, and since they have degrees on the topic, they probably know more than we do. Here’s what they had to say about UCF’s production of  “Titanic”.

“Ugh Rose is so flat.” Said Lauren, while the actress was performing a monologue.

“I did this song at states and got a perfect score they should’ve casted me, but politics!” stated Noah slightly louder than would be appropriate.

“They just aren’t feeling the piece, I don’t believe they’re actually dying, you know?” remarked Lauren (not the same one), as half the cast lay dead on stage.

So there you have it. While us uneducated folks really enjoyed the inventive composition and beautiful character work done by the actors, the real experts have spoken out. Is “Titanic” worth your time? According to them “Yeah it was better than anything I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean it was good.”