Knightro selected for Mars Rescue Space Team

UCF’s very own Knightro has been selected to be a part of an elite space recovery team tasked to find and rescue NASA’s Rover Opportunity.

Opportunity, the Mars recon unit that NASA launched in 2003, sent its last transmission in June after it was hit by a planet-wide dust storm that summer.

NASA attempted to reconnect with the robot. When those attempts failed, they organized a team of the top space explorers to find Opportunity. The team includes Obi Wan, Matthew McConaughey’s character in Interstellar, Neil Armstrong, Neil Patrick Harris, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Knightro

NASA decided to employ Knightro for the perilous space mission after the Knights, donned in their space gear, sent the Temple Owls to another dimension.

“The Knights have sent more defensive linemen to space than we ever could,” Ryan Gosling said, still wearing his Neil Armstrong mask. “Knightro is certainly more than qualified.”

NASA said it was imperative that a search and rescue mission was conducted. Opportunity’s mission was only to last several months, but after roaming the planets surface for over 15 years, the robot became sentient.

The Department of Artificial Intelligence classifies Opportunity as a living being. And at NASA, no living being is left behind, except for several chimps and dogs they launched into orbit in the 50s with no return voyage planned.

“We will never leave an astronaut behind,” a spokeswoman from NASA said. “And Opportunity is no different.”

Knightro and the gang will board an experimental rocketship destined for Mars next week. The mission will take about seven months. The return journey coincides with the first football game of the fall semester and UCF said that they want to have Knightro parachute onto the field from space before the kickoff.

“If you thought the space suits were dope, you’re gonna love this,” said Regan Phillips, a UCF/NASA Mars Landing Correspondent.