“Hawaii not a state”: ICE Agent Detains UCF Star Player

McKenzie Milton found fame as he took UCF through an undefeated season before his career was cut-off just short due to a devastating leg injury.

Milton has since been on the long road to recovery and making steady progress. Milton has been through five surgeries; as he got closer and closer to the football field- he found himself in immigration troubles.

ICE agents have been going through lists of well-known individuals to see if there was anybody who didn’t pass the pigment test with flying (white) colors. In their search, they took interest in Milton and pursued him.

According to McKenzie’s mother, ICE had been searching for him for the better part of a year but was never able to catch up as he was able to throw them off with his quarterback skills. But the injury gave ICE the opportunity they needed to catch up.

“Once the injury happened they sent us a see you soon card. But I had to hear from the news when he was caught: it was such a surprise to me that they wouldn’t contact or keep track of the families of the people they intended to deport.”

Eyewitness reports state that Milton was using crutches as he exited a Chick-fil-a. ICE agents approached Milton and kicked out his crutches from him. The agents were then reported to say that UCF never played any real teams and gave him a noogie before they put Milton in a black SUV.

“He gave us his ID and we knew we’d caught him. It said he was from Hawaii: clearly, Hawaii is an island and not a state,” an ICE agent was quoted by a local newspaper.

McKenzie is now recovering in Hawaii and will likely be on his way back to Orlando within the year as Hawaii is, in fact, a state and ICE can make mistakes with zero repercussions.