Man Writing Equations on Glass Board in Library Might Actually be onto Something

If you’ve ever passed through the extensive floor plans of the John C. Hitt Library, you’ve probably been witness to education in the process. Scattered throughout the library, you might find moving white boards and glass boards loaded with equations of hopeful physics students. The Stallion reports that the man you see writing equations frantically on the glass boards at the library might actually be onto something.

Many students report walking past groups of future engineers in the library, identifiable with their NASA t-shirts and light wash jeans, writing what may seem to be the equations of the future, on large glass boards.

“At first I thought they were crazy, like why would you write your homework on a window?” engineering student Tyler Song stated. “Then I began to look deeper into the equations, I began to understand what was happening, the red marker on the glass, it spoke to me!”

Ever since students came to this revelation, UCF library staff has reported seeing crowds of students gathering around the boards, taking notes and photographs of what could be the equations that save the world. Some students have even claimed to “ask for autographs, you know, just in case they’re famous in the future.”  Library staff also reports to be witness to “large groups of visiting SpaceX engineers, seeking the truth of the glass board equations.”

“The way I see it,” glass board equation man said, “is that white boards are for amateurs. Now glass boards? Those are for the pros!”