UCF to Begin Auctioning off Parking Spaces for New Downtown Campus

Parking has long been a major concern for students and staff. In order to avoid further complications for the new UCF Downtown Campus set to open in August 2019, UCF is going holding an auction for parking spaces.

The limited 1,500 parking spaces are set to be auctioned off beginning early 2019. Starting bids are reported to begin at $750 and are expected to reach prices up to $4,500 for first floor spaces near the elevators.

“I think this a brilliant way to eliminate the stress of finding a parking space”, stated parking and transportation services representative Michael Nielson. “It’s plain and simple. If you don’t bid for a space, you don’t get one; take the bus.” Neilson added, “this is also a great way to earn back some of the $38 million that was spent on the much-needed yacht.”

More detailed information regarding the parking spaces was recently released this weekend. The bid for a parking space will not include the price of a parking decal, as it will still be sold separately, with financial aid not applicable to price. The spaces will only be valid for one semester, meaning space holders will have to rebid every semester.

However, the highest bidders for every space will also have access to the Compact Lounge, an exclusive club dedicated to those with first-floor parking spaces. “It makes the bidding experience that much better, and hopefully promotes higher bids for the next semester,” Nielson explained.

The new UCF Downtown Campus is set to open in August 2019, as part of the new Creative Village project for Downtown Orlando, in partnership with Parking Services, who made more than $15 million off parking tickets this year. For more information on parking, visit https://parking.ucf.edu/

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