Job Fair Hopes to Get More Attendance by Giving Girls Free Cover

Intern Pursuit Closes Wage Gap by Letting Women in for Free

Another Intern Pursuit has come to a close at UCF, but this year the university made it a priority to connect more female communication students with potential internships.

UCF used tactics seen at Knight Library and The Knight’s Pub to encourage more female students to attend the event and find internships, according to university coordinator Chadwell Williamsonbergstienman.

“So for guys it’s $10 and ladies free,” Williamsonbergstienman shouted to the line that formed for Intern Pursuit, an internship event hosted by the PR Club at UCF, that took place on October 8 in the Pegasus Ballroom.

The event has historically been offered to communication students to find internships for the following semester. Admission to the event has typically been $10 for students and free of charge for members of professional communication clubs at UCF, like the Society of Professional Journalists or RTDNA. Members of the clubs pay dues at the beginning of the semester to be considered a member of the club, according to SPJ club president Mikey McNosey.

“The club pretty much pays for itself,” McNosey said. “You get to go to Intern Pursuit for free and all the editors are in the club so you can brown-nose your way into getting everything you write published.”

By making admission for male communication students $10 and free for all female communication students, UCF, through the PR Club at UCF, is attempting to fill the employment gap in the communications industry, states a university spokesperson.

Per every female employee in the communications field, there are two male employees, according to some minimal Wikipedia skimming our reporters did.

Despite the apparent gender gap, UCF intends to fix the issue plaguing the field.

“Are we treating our students different based on their sex? Yes,” said UCF wage/employment/marginalization-fixer-upper spokesperson Margaret Maulburry. “But in the end, we’ll resolve the problem. It’s kinda messed up to charge dudes more for admission, but they’ll be able to make up that small fee once they’re hired in the industry due to the wage gap here in America. Men are paid more for doing the same ducking job as a woman, so they can deal with paying an extra $10.”

The unconventional method was a success, according to attendance numbers the PR Club posted on Twitter.

Intern Pursuit saw a record number of female students in attendance, with 98% of those students landing an internship. Intern Pursuit also made enough money to host the event free for all students for the next three semesters, because even though they had to pay, dudes were still desperate enough to attend the event.

“We did a good thing here,” Williamsonbergstienman said. “There were mad babes at the spot, the bartenders got hella tips and even tipped those stupid pledge barbacks $5 at the end of the night. Did we kinda exploit young men’s desires to be with women their age in a fun-ish environment for money? Sure. But those geeds deserve it.”


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