UCF Panhellenic Community to Utilize ‘Stop and Frisk’ Tactics for Donations

If you’ve ever been on Memory Mall, then you’ve seen the University of Central Florida Greek organizations with their yellow buckets and their peppy cheers. Not to be confused with the Salvation Army during the winter holidays, the fraternities and sororities take to high traffic areas on campus to earn donations for their charities. Former ways of gaining more donations included bribing the student body with puppies, being in costume and loud yelling.

In the past few weeks, students have reported new and aggressive-like tactics, that some would compare to a “stop and frisk” technique. UCF freshman Anthony Stroffman claims that while he was walking to Starbucks one morning he was met head-on with one of the new tactics. “I was trying to study for an astronomy exam when all of a sudden the entire Tri Delta Sorority had stopped me and started going through my pockets.” Stroffman recalled the sorority repeating, “It’s for the kids,” before walking off with all of his loose change. “I was saving that for later,” Stroffman explained.

This new tactic is just one of new many aggressive forms of retrieving donations from passersby this semester. Other students have witnessed Greek life performing a “shakedown,” “using metal detectors” and “straight up robbing people.”  

A representative of the Tri Delta Sorority stated that “it’s for a good cause; it’s for the kids. We feel so passionate about our philanthropy work that sometimes we need to branch out on our methods, and if necessary, use force.”

UCF Police Department would not comment on the matter.


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