INVESTIGATION: LimeBikes a Symbol for White Supremacy?

The ride-sharing program, “LimeBikes”, brought to UCF earlier this semester has recently faced accusations of being a symbol and communication tool for underground white supremacy groups on campus to organize.

Concerns were raised after the bikes were found in organized, unique positions on UCF property. Among some of these displays were the bikes being moved in the shape of a pentagram as well as one bike being found hanging from a tree by a suggestive rope display.

     Campus activists have demanded UCF remove LimeBikes to decrease any further acts of aggression and racism.

“They’ve become a way for racists, neo-nazis, and fascists to communicate secretly right in front of us,” stated UCF sophomore political sciences major Bethany Hampton, “It’s absolutely despicable that UCF would allow these types of visual violence against us all.”

Stallion reporters have obtained a copy of the code-cracking documents that were put together to decipher Lime Bike communications.


Some examples of the decoding include:

  • Two Lime Bikes positioned wheel to wheel= “White Power”

  • A bike positioned upside-down= “Nazi Meeting at MSB bathroom at midnight”

  • One wheel turned to the right= “Extremist Right-wing friendly territory”


  • One wheel turned to the left means= “Communists or Antifa nearby; beware”

Stay tuned with the Stallion to keep up with any updates or developments with the LimeBike investigation, and make sure to stay safe from these radical groups on campus.