Rapper “6ix9ine” to Perform at CFE Arena with Orlando Children’s Choir

In hopes of getting the University of Central Florida student body excited about upcoming campus performers, the CFE Arena booked rapper “6ix9Nine” for a concert on Saturday, September 22. Featured alongside the rapper will be the Orlando Children’s Choir. However, this is not without controversy. Many people are criticizing the arena’s choice to book the rapper due to the adult content of his songs and criminal past.

“It’s ridiculous that the CFE has chosen to book him,” said Martha Batten, a sophomore journalism major, “I don’t even get why he spells his name like that. Shouldn’t it be pronounced Six-ix Nine-ine? It’s a terrible influence on our grammar and spelling.”

Many people cite his previous history with the law enforcement as improper for a performer at the CFE arena. His record includes one felony along with three misdemeanors related to explicit contact and filming of minors. A spokesperson for CFE has confirmed that a slap on wrist was enough to show them that 6ix9Nine is ready to change his ways.

“We figured the uproar over his past needs to be addressed,” stated CFE spokesperson and janitor Carl Roberts, “and the best way to put these concerns to rest is to prove the family nature of ‘6ix9ine’ and show how kid-friendly he actually is.”

The concert night line-up includes classics such as “Wheels on the Bus,” “Plug Walk,” “You are my Sunshine,” and “Fefe.” The CFE is anticipating a solid out show.