UCF Rents Inflatable Parking Garage to Reduce Overcrowding

In a last minute stroke of logistical genius, UCF Parking and Services, in conjunction with the Student Government Association, has approved and expedited plans for a temporary inflatable parking garage on campus. The new directive involves renting and constructing a structure to allow for increased parking spots close to campus.

“The options we were working with before, opening up the stadium for potential parking spots on the 50 yard line, or shuttling in students from the UCF downtown campus parking spots, were much too limiting and time prohibited”, remarked UCF parking coordinator Jonathan Shmingle.

The location for the inflatable parking garage is set to be at the lot between the Visual Arts Building and Greek housing. Without a dedicated park and ride system, there will be an inflatable slide connecting from the garage to the Student Union in order to cater to those who may struggle with the walking distance to the center of campus.

“I’m delighted that UCF is finally doing something about this parking situation”, sophomore Teresa Vanderpot stated to a Stallion reporter, “I just hope they don’t accidentally fill it up with helium and it floats away like they did with the last parking garage.”

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