This was my last year as an undergraduate at UCF and it’s been one hell of a ride. In just a little less than a year, I’ve gone from guest writer to full-time writer to co-editor, and every step of the way, from USF’s election tampering to John C. Hitt World, I’ve had the honor of working with a hilarious and ineffably clever staff. We here at the Stallion can’t come close to expressing our appreciation for you, our readers. Without your support, we would have no reason to write.

In high school, I learned the expression “Castigat ridendo mores.” Translated, it says “one corrects morals by ridicule.” It speaks to the power of parody and satire; to make our world better, to fight the systems and ideas that worsen our lives, it is not enough to simply rant or rage at them. We must laugh at them; in my view, never has that laughter been more important.

We live in times our minds were hardly meant to comprehend. We can hear about the worst news of the day in just a few clicks. Violent crime rates have been falling steadily for the last 30 years, but many are more afraid than they’ve ever been. All the chaos of our peculiar little planet can make you weary. That weariness is good – it means you’re alive, you’re listening to the world, and you still have a heart. But you cannot let that chaos make you numb. Thank you for choosing to laugh instead.

Josh Wade, Co-Editor


This semester, The Stallion celebrated its first anniversary. On February 2nd of 2017, I had no idea that the love for satire would grow from a small, ragtag group of students with a vision to a team of writers and many dedicated readers. As one of the original writers, watching the exponential growth of UCF’s only source for Really Real news has been surreal. I can’t wait to see what comes next in The Stallion’s future. It’s been an incredible experience, and on everyone’s behalf, I can say that we can’t wait to grow even more and spread our debauchery to the farthest corners of the universe.

We’ve achieved great feats in our Definitely Real, 100% True Coverage™ this year, whether it be reporting on the adverse effects of new Sandpaper Pro Extra Coarse toilet paper, to informing the public about the new Domino’s that will replace President Hitt’s office. To everyone who reads our articles and Absolutely Factual Reporting™, thanks for sticking around, and we can’t wait to put out more!

Emily Romero, Co-Editor


I joined the Stallion in Fall 2017. Since then, this publication has become one of my favorite parts about UCF by far. It’s so fulfilling to report the real news week after week and to let the students know about the important issues that will be affecting them on campus and beyond. Thank you, readers, for giving us a platform to spread our ideas and laugh at the insanity of the world around us. It is so rewarding to all of us to see how much you enjoy and relate to our content. You all make our work significant, and I cannot thank you enough for doing so.

I am incredibly grateful to have gotten to know all of the members of our staff through this organization. All of them are hilarious and great people to be around. When the we get together to brainstorm ideas as a group, I find myself smiling the whole time. Working together has yielded some wonderful results for the Stallion, such as our very successful sellout to Aramark and our heartwarming vigil for the loss of the great Scott Frost. I’m beyond happy with the work we’ve done this year, and I look forward to continuing with the Stallion for the remainder of my time at UCF.

Adam Sage, Head Writer