No Job? Don’t Sweat It: 2018 Spring Career Expo Huge Success

UCF’s Office of Professional Development is lauded for the networking opportunities it offers to students, and yesterday’s “2018 Spring Career Expo” in the CFE Arena was a shining example.

Typically, the hottest companies at these expos are technology and engineering firms like Siemens and Lockheed Martin. But yesterday fashion giant H&M stole the show, touting opportunities to “build an innovative fast-based career with with salaries as high as 33 cents dollars per hour.”

“I’m really excited,” gushed Senior Jonah Sinclair. “Cambodia is a beautiful country. I would love to live there for a few years and take part in the process of making clothes for one of my favorite brands.” The job that piqued Jonah’s interest was H&M’s “Executive Sweatshop Operator.” Responsibilities include overseeing workers in the sewing of clothes and trimming of excess fabric, and training new recruits to the craft – an industrial engineering major’s dream.

Interest in H&M’s positions was so high yesterday that they stopped accepting applications halfway through the Expo. The Stallion’s correspondent was able to speak with H&M’s representative to see what all the buzz was about.

“Americans already confirmed sweatshop labor as a valid method of production when they knowingly purchased our products. Now I’m just happy people are finally realizing our factories are an excellent place to start a career,” said H&M Project Manager, Joseph Burton. “A lot of people don’t realize that this is how some of America’s most respected entrepreneurs got their start. The Triangle Shirtwaist Company made excellent shirts right here on American soil, and we are so glad to see the American people regaining an interest in the craft.”

In a special exclusive, Burton let our reporter know that H&M is also looking to fill a Creative Lead position in the U.K. and that interested applicants should simply comment on this article with their resume. “Our last creative director wouldn’t stop monkeying around; they didn’t have the right eye for public sensitivity regarding our promotional material. With the talent at this University, I know we can find the right person for this position.”

After all the excitement surrounding H&M’s opportunities this year, UCF’s Office of Professional Development is thrilled to be bringing in Walmart, Nestlé, and United Airlines for similar offerings at the 2019 Career Expo.