Stallion Sunday Crossword


2. The guy with a megaphone who totally thinks you’re going to hell.

3. Why do all the hallways smell like Fabuloso?

5. You’ll totally get a spot here if you arrive before 6:00am

8. Why even go to class when the professor does this?

9. The most coveted spot in the lecture hall

11. The Engineers assure us there’s only a 40% chance of catastrophic structural failure.

12. Your #1 source for publisher test banks.

13. There’s a 99% chance they’ll put another one in

14. You’re more likely to with the ACTUAL lottery.

15. Our Dear Leader and President

16. The spiritual center of UCF’s campus


1. Bringing you Breaking UCF News 2 weeks after it happens.

4. The election where the two candidates can’t get any more identical.

6. This website will make you RICH and is totally not a scam

7. Currently converted into Central Florida’s largest mud wrestling pit.

10. When you can’t seem to connect to UCF_WPA2