BREAKING NEWS: Definitely Something Going On In Pegasus Ballroom

9:07 am:
Stallion reporters have confirmed after rigorous investigation that there is definitely something going on in the Pegasus Ballroom as of 9:07 am this morning. Stay tuned for continued updates.

UPDATE 9:23 am:
Eyes on the scene reported a sign-in table; there appear to be three different papers and no remaining ID badges. The papers are labeled: “Guest Speakers,” “Keynote Speakers,” “Invitational.”

UPDATE 9:36 am:
Reporters have interviewed nearby students for more information. Some have asserted that the event is an internship fair, while others claim that it is some kind of fundraiser. Unfortunately, most students mistook our team for Knight News and ran from the building.

UPDATE 9:42 am:
Recordings taken at the event reveal the keywords “diversity,” “opportunity,” “service,” “innovation,” and “development,” but sadly, no audio clip was specific enough to find what the gathering was actually for. A word cloud has been provided below.

Word Cloud:

UPDATE 10:00 am:
Reports of a loud explosion, screaming in student union – the event seems undisturbed.

UPDATE 10:01 am:
Previous explosion reports were just a burst of applause amplified by the ballroom’s impressive acoustics.

UPDATE 10:29 am:
Reporters have read the advertisements near the Pegasus Ballroom for more information. The posters boast that the event features “industry professionals,” “breakout sessions,” and “networking opportunities,” though at no point is the exact nature of the event clarified.

UPDATE 10:41 am:
Faculty members interviewed at the scene speculate that, whatever the event was, it was announced in a “This Week At UCF” email – of course, no one actually reads those emails, so we cannot confirm this.

UPDATE 10:55 am:
Men and women in professional dress have poured out of the ballroom doors. Stallion reporters were unable to stop any of them for an interview as the mob of suits made a beeline toward the student union Chili’s.

UPDATE 11:04 am:
The event has ended, and the student union staff has begun to put away the tables and vacuum the floor. Our team was unable to glean any further information – as of May 2017, the university has elected to only hire mute janitors so that nobody can talk about the horrors they’ve seen cleaning up after UCF events.

FINAL UPDATE 11:06 am:
The event has concluded. If you have any further information regarding the nature of this event, or future events of this kind, please reach out to