Light Up UCF: A Covert Nod to UCF’s Communist Underbelly

It’s almost the holiday season, and like every year, the Light Up UCF outdoor ice skating rink (and carnival) is being erected in front of the CFE Arena on campus. But, what if I told you the festive atmosphere of Light Up UCF had a much more sinister undertone?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Light Up UCF is actually a symbolic portrayal of the communist roots of the university.

Don’t believe me? Let’s just look at the facts.

Let’s start with the skating rink, everyone knows that communism found its first major foothold in Russia during the Russian civil war. What do Russians love more than anything? You guessed it, hockey. And where do you play hockey? Bingo! A skating rink.

Not only that; let’s take a look at the Ferris Wheel. It’s a clear nod to the ideal that the proletariat shall rise and take over the means of production. I mean, the hammer and sickle fit right in:

Still not convinced? Well, what about when I remind you that they hand out tickets to this winter wonderland free to UCF Students. That’s right, free.

You know who is doling out these “free” tickets? The Student GOVERNMENT Association. Sickening.

Typical liberal-college-aged-communist behavior. You think you’re entitled to these tickets? Ridiculous. Why should I have to pay tuition, so you commies can enjoy the holiday season on my dime?

Open your eyes sheeple. UCF is really showing its true colors with this shell of a holiday celebration.

Black and Gold? More like Red and Bold.

At least we can say Merry Christmas again. For now.