Reflecting Pond to be Renamed “Richard M. Nixon Memorial Fountain”

In an effort to commemorate one of the greatest moments in university history, UCF announced Wednesday morning that the Reflecting Pond would be officially renamed the “Richard M. Nixon Memorial Fountain.” The change will be an effort to memorialize the president’s June 8th, 1973 commencement address to the graduates of what was then Florida Technological University. This commencement was delivered in the midst of what would go on to be a highly successful and non-controversial second term for the 37th POTUS.

Nixon, who is of course remembered most for his exemplary foreign policy achievements such as reestablishing diplomatic relations with China and negotiating the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union, delivered his speech on the Millican Hall side of the pond, giving tour guides an interesting tidbit to share about the pond for decades to come.

Nixon also won the 1972 Presidential election with 520 of the available 538 Electoral College votes, after which his popularity among the American people remained absolutely steady and never declined for any reason.

“We couldn’t think of a better person to name the pond after” said President Hitt. “Who better than the man known for ending American involvement in Vietnam, enforcing desegregation in Southern schools, establishing the Environmental Protection Agency, and… yeah that’s about it, can’t think of anything else notable about him.”

UCF has also announced that an archway will be erected at the location of Nixon’s speech. The  archway will begin at the base of the pond and span its width. It and will stand as a symbol of opportunity and will be fittingly called the “Water Gate.”

Students and faculty have expressed overwhelming support for renaming the Reflecting Pond after the president that oversaw the Apollo 11 moon landing and restarted the Middle East peace process, and at the time of publication not one person could think of a single downside.

“He was a gleaming, unsoiled model of the American spirit, and his twenty-seven minute speech on our campus over forty years ago is truly worth remembering forever,” said economics major Jerry Ford.

One side effect of the new name is that the UCF administration has deemed it “inappropriate” to hold Spirit Splash events in a designated memorial. As such, future Spirit Splash events will be held in the retention pond north of the Student Union.