RateYourStudents.com Gives UCF Professors Some Say in Add/Drop Decisions

In a move to bolster student-professor interaction, The University of Central Florida has created their own take on “RateMyProfessors.com,” aptly named “RateYourStudents.com.” A University spokesperson stated, “We’ve realized the student-teacher relationship is a two way street. The way it was before, only one party could gauge the ability of the other. RateYourStudents has leveled that field.”

The trial program, recently introduced by the University, was created and introduced by a UCF Computer Science professor who was fed up with receiving “non-red chili” scores from previous students. The new site allows professors to leave reviews of former students including a “red pen” to denote their attractiveness as a pupil– akin to desired RateMyProfessors’ “red chili.”

“Listen, I am just sick and tired of not being able to drop students from my classes who are just going to fail anyway,” said a Political Science professor who wished to remain anonymous. “If a student can choose not to take my class because I use the textbook too much, or don’t use it enough, or don’t pass out grades like candy, or don’t literally pass out candy, or I actually read assignments and score them accurately — I feel like I should be able to opt out of that student in turn.”

“The big red flags I notice on RateYourStudents are things like: consistent complaint emails, low grades in similar classes, or begging for grade rounding,” said English professor Beth McCallan.

Not everything about RateYourStudents is perfect yet, according to some.

“One of the biggest buzzkills is when you see the red pen and think you’re getting some eye candy in the classroom, and it ends up not even being accurate,” said Gregg Roman, an Organic Chemistry TA, who has been given the responsibility of running the RateYourStudent account while the professor works on his research.