21 Things the Class of 2021 NEEDS to Know

A woman arriving at college

As a generous favor to the incoming freshman, we here at The Stallion have curated a list of our top 21 tips and tricks for the Class of 2021. We hope this makes your first year at the UCF absolutely splendid, Enjoy!

  • Only purchase new copies of textbooks from the bookstore. The fields of mathematics and world history have changed a lot in the past year and you need the most up-to-date information humanly possible for these gen-ed classes.
  • Convert all your savings into Knights Cash. All your money belongs to the university now anyway.
  • Clubs look good on a resume. Attend the UCF Club Showcase and select at LEAST five organizations to join.
  • Make sure you have all your school supplies. You need at least two spiral notebooks per class, black and blue ink pens, twelve #2 pencils, highlighters, post-it notes, protractor, compass, graphing calculator, scientific calculator, abacus, and coffee.
  • Know the difference between the library and The Library.
  • If you need to leave in the middle of a lecture, be sure to pick up a hall pass on your way out to avoid detention.
  • Also know the difference between Lake Claire and Lake Claire.
  • Internships are important. Be sure to secure one within a week or two of classes starting, otherwise all hope is lost.
  • Get to know your roommates. Eat lunch together. Go to the gym together. Hang out with them 24/7. They are your best friends now, whether they like it or not.
  • Know the difference between your NID and your PID. Your NID is the one with letters and numbers, while your PID is the one with only numbers, except for when it also has letters. You will only need to use your NID, so naturally your UCF ID has your PID printed on it. Also, don’t confuse your UCF ID, which is another name for your PID, with your UCF ID, which is the physical card that has your PID printed on it.
  • Cancel all your email accounts. Knights Mail is the way to go.
  • Never see your advisor. Everything you need is on your degree audit.
  • Give your professor an apple on the first day of class. This practice dates back to medieval times when students would bow their heads and offer a piece of red fruit as a sign of submission.
  • Cooking at home is for hippies. Be sure to get a healthy and delicious AramarkTM Dining Plan. All AramarkTM Dining Plans are convenient, flexible, and loaded with options. Buy an AramarkTM Dining Plan. AramarkTM is watching you. AramarkTM rules over all. Love AramarkTM. Obey AramarkTM.
  • If your grade is slipping in a class, just remind your professor you had a high GPA in high school. They will realize their mistake and give you the A you deserve.
  • Set up a meeting with President Hitt to make sure you’re doing college right.
  • If your degree requires a single math course, we suggest switching majors.
  • Make sure the first thing you do is partake in the tradition of attempting a running jump over the seal at the student union. Legends says first to complete successfully graduates on time.
  • Note that UCF is a strictly Non-Smoking campus. The only exception is outside Engineering Building I, in front of the No Smoking sign.
  • Only use longboards/skateboards to commute. People who walk are stuck in the 20th century.
  • Make sure you are in the middle of the pond during Spirit Splash, UCF’s number one (and only) tradition that takes place on October 13th. In the Reflecting Pond you can meet new friends, catch ducks, and even contract a waterborne bacterial rash.

Enjoy your semester and thanks for sticking with us this summer. Looking forward to writing for our readers again and seeing everyone around campus this fall!


Thanks to our Stallion Summer Staff of writers Mart Ubl, Devi Mody, Dimitri Tzamaras, and Spencer Lasday, along with our fantastic designer and graphic artist Alexi Saliba, and last but not least our amazing editors, Rachel and Trevor Brosseau.