UCF Revokes Suspension Letter To Student Who Graded Ex’s Letter After it Earns Failing Score

The University of Central Florida came under fire last week after issuing a suspension letter to senior Nick Lutz, who found national notoriety when he edited an ex girlfriend’s apology letter and posted it on social media. The red-penned missive reached 120,000 retweets before the university stepped in, claiming that Lutz had violated the student code of conduct. However, the suspension was quickly revoked noting that his behavior, while unsavory, did not directly violate the code of conduct.

The Stallion has received a copy of the suspension notice that UCF sent Lutz, which he has since edited and returned to the university. In an exclusive interview with our publication, Lutz suggested that the actual reason his suspension was lifted was not due to a closer inspection of the student code of conduct, but as an incentive to keep him quiet about the embarrassing spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that plagued the letter.  

The suspension notice, which includes such linguistic crimes as subject-verb disagreement and incorrect homophone usage, is printed below in its entirety. Viewer discretion is advised for English majors:


“This letter was poorly drafted,” Lutz explained. “I would have expected better from UCF. The ideas were there but weren’t well supported or tied into a cohesive argument and ultimately the letter suffered because of it. This is solid F work. If I were a professor, I would suggest the student (or in this case the university itself) take a remedial course.”

UCF junior and fraternity brother Kingsley Burton said, “I’m no expert but, like, that’s pretty sad coming from UCF. I’ve taken ENC 1101 twice so I probably could’ve written something better. Plus, I’ve posted way worse things about my ex-girlfriends and frat brothers, and I’ve never gotten called out like that.”

The Stallion is currently in discussions with Lutz concerning bringing him on as the paper’s new Editor in Chief.