UCF College Optical to Begin Selling Lenses that Block the Haters

At 9 years old, Jensen Murphy noticed he was having issues with his eyesight. “Everywhere I went, I could only see one thing: haters,” a true problem for anybody who is trying to live according to the major keys of modern poet DJ Khaled.

Murphy no longer has to worry.

College Optical, located in the Student Union, has just partnered with HotFireFrames Inc. — an up-and-coming millennial-owned business — that makes frames sense the negative energy and “block the haters.” CEO and aspiring rapper Trevor Burton conceived the idea for the company shortly after dropping out of high school. Burton thinks his lenses will help people  achieve their dreams just like Snoop Dogg helped him achieve his dream by retweeting his fire soundcloud track.

“They said I couldn’t do it, but I did, ya feel me?”

College Optical was interested in the line because they felt it would appeal to the millennial demographic. “Students are constantly under pressure to maintain a positive social media presence. Just like they can block haters online, they can apply the same idea to real life. Why should they have to worry about seeing people in person who might think badly of them?” said one of the sales associates, Dana Minton. Minton started wearing the lenses after she discovered they made rooms feel a lot less crowded.
At press time Murphy was elated to try the new lenses but shortly after found it difficult to find his pet cat, Tammy.



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