Construction Crews Billed Tuition for Work Done on Campus

Building contractors were confused and dazed to wake up to an invoice earlier this morning charging construction workers tuition for work done on campus. Furious, worksite supervisor Richard Price asked bemused “Why would it ever make sense to have to pay in order to do work?”  Freshman Jared Reznard and self-professed “Gym Nutritionist” replied “Exactly what I’ve been asking, bro”.

Other workers were angered to discover they wouldn’t be able to continue todays building because of holds on MyUCF. Crewman Robert Bruns told The Orange “I tried to work, but they just kept asking me ‘Did you check your email?” Many wonder how this will affect the years of peaceful relations between campus life and constant building programs.

It has been reported that some construction crews were seen at lunchtime filling out scholarship applications and desperately trying to understand the FAFSA.



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